Ms. Bibliophile’s Ratings

Every bibliophile has their own way to rate a book, and their own system. I borrowed mine from GoodReads because it’s pretty close to the way I feel. A good book starts off at a three star rating. This way it can go up or down based on how much (or little) I liked the book. If I gave your book a three star rating, it doesn’t mean I didn’t like it, in fact it’s the opposite!

Five Stars – ★★★★★ – I loved this book!
This was a bibliophile’s dream! I loved this book, and the impact it had on me is enough that I’ve thought about it for weeks after. I want to read this again and again and again until I know it off by heart. I can’t stop talking about this book to my friends and family. (They probably hate the author for this reason.)

Four Stars – ★★★★ – It was a really good book!
I really enjoyed reading this book. It may not be for everyone, but I probably babbled on about it for a while, and I will probably be reading it again in the future. Most of my friends and family will be recommended this one, based on their personal tastes.

Three Stars – ★★★ – It was a good book!
Not gonna lie, this is the bibliophile average for me. The book was good, and I enjoyed reading it. This doesn’t mean I disliked the book! What it does mean is that there was something that kept me from loving it, or that it just didn’t stand out enough for me. (When you read as much as I do a book needs to stand out if it’s going to be remembered!)

Two Stars – ★★ – It was okay!
Just like it says on the tin. I didn’t dislike the book, but by the same token I didn’t much care for it either. There wasn’t enough to sway me in either direction. I won’t read it again, and I won’t be recommending it to friends and family unless it’s something I’m sure they will like.

One Star – ★ – I didn’t like it at all!
I probably had to force myself to finish reading it, and I probably complained about it while doing so. There is something here that is a glaring problem for me. This wasn’t the book for me, but I still felt compelled to review it. Won’t be read again, and definitely not recommended.