The Ninjettes by Al Ewing

December 14, 2012 Review 0 ★★★

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
The Ninjettes by Al EwingThe Ninjettes by Al Ewing, Eman Casallos
Published by Dynamite Entertainment on January 22, 2013
Genres: Graphic Novel
Pages: 144
Format: ARC
Source: NetGalley
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Tearing out of the pages of Garth Ennis' Jennifer Blood comes The Ninjettes -- a searing four-color indictment of a society that turns blushing college girls into ninjas hungry to kill! Kelly, Skyler and Chelsea -- once-wholesome Americans caught in a nightmare of sin, scandal and shurikens! What made them the way they are -- twisted, violent, depraved? That's the question that will explode across your mind with the shocking fury of a Cobalt Bomb as you breathlessly turn these pages! That's the question that can only be answered by delving deep into the mysterious assassin's network known as -- The Circuit! Home to Varla, the ruthless executioner who rides like she kills -- hard! Daisy, the good-time girl with a gun who massacres armed gangs single-handed in the name of kicks! And Christie, the ice-cold professional who'll slaughter her best friend if the price is right - along with anyone in her way! This graphic novel will drag you bodily into their twilight world -- a world of mercenaries! Drug kings! Drag kings! Spankings! Hard men, naked and exposed! Ninja schoolgirls, consumed by nihilism and branding in a world that never cared! And that's just the tip of this iceberg of red-hot action! This volume collects the complete, 6-issue miniseries by Al Ewing and Eman Casallos as well as sketches and designs by Eman Casallo, a writer's commentary on issue #1 by Al Ewing and all of the covers by Admira Wijaya, Johnny Desjardins and more.

Ah, yes, another graphic novel review. I’m a huge fan of graphic novels, in case that hasn’t been made apparent. In this way I never outgrew my childhood. On the other hand, the subject matter of these comics has certainly grown up! The Ninjettes is a collection of six comics telling the origins of the Ninjettes, a group of female assassins who were in the Jennifer Blood series. Now, I’ve never read that series, so that may have skewed my opinion by a lot. Let’s start with the art.

The artwork was really well done, and I really liked how the characters, and there were a lot, were all distinctive. I really liked that the characters personality showed a lot in how they were drawn and what they wore. It made it a lot easier to read because I knew who was talking and when they were talking. The risque covers were amazing, they walked that fine line between being trashy and risque, but they walked it well and I really loved them. The amount of violence was pretty amazing, too. It was well drawn, and absolutely bloody.

The story is where I had a lot of difficulties, though. There was a past that was slowly revealed, which is to be expected in a serial, so I could understand it but it was frustrating as a reader. One of the characters (Name?) was surprisingly evil, and I really wasn’t expecting the abrupt change. Her character just seemed wrong to me, but hey, she’s a psychopath and who am I to judge?

But to be honest, all of that I could handle, until three of the characters were killed offscreen. It’s not just that it was completely unexpected, it’s that while the deaths served a purpose, they also didn’t have the right kind of impact, I thought. I would have liked to know more about them, or at least seen them die and know why it happened. Story wise, I would have given this two stars, but the artwork pulled it up enough to average out to three stars.

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