Five Stars for Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping

March 29, 2013 Review 0 ★★★★★

Five Stars for Scaredy Squirrel Goes CampingScaredy Squirrel Goes Camping by Mélanie Watt
Series: Scaredy Squirrel
on April 1. 2013
Genres: Children
Pages: 32
Format: ARC
Source: NetGalley
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Scaredy Squirrel is not too comfortable with the idea of camping ? unless it's on his couch! There will be no mosquitoes, skunks or zippers to worry about when he watches a show about the joys of camping on his brand-new TV. But first Scaredy must find an electrical outlet, and that means going into the woods! Will the nutty worrywart's plans prepare him for the great outdoors, or will his adventure end up as a scary story told around the campfire?

The first actual book my son learned to read was Scaredy Squirrel at Night by Melanie Watt. I’m still half certain that the only reason he learned to read is because I got tired of reading the same book to him three times at bedtime. Every single night. He’s had a favourite author since he knew what an author was, and that author has always been Melanie Watt; so when I got the opportunity to get a copy of Scaredy Squirrel goes Camping by Melanie Watt before anyone else I knew I had to read it with my son.

If you’ve never read or even heard of the Scaredy Squirrel books, then you need to understand that the series is just as the title suggests: Scaredy is a Squirrel who is afraid of everything and would rather stay in his nice, safe tree where nothing bad ever happens. Except then Scaredy needs to face his fears. He always draws up a plan of some kind to do what needs to be done, the plan inevitably fails, but Scaredy learns that it wasn’t anything to really be frightened of anyway, while still cautioning common sense. In Scaredy Squirrel at Night he keeps a fire extinguisher, for example, because a squirrel can never be too safe.

Scaredy Squirrel goes Camping is no different: Scaredy isn’t too fond of the idea of actually going camping outdoors, and he’d rather watch camping shows from the comfort of his own couch. The only problem is he needs to plug in his TV… and the electrical outlet is on the other side of the campground! In true Scaredy Squirrel fashion he suits up, makes a plan, and goes on an adventure to do what needs to be done, and along the way he faces up to his fears.

This is the perfect book for kids who are a little afraid of camping, or even kids who just want to giggle as Scaredy panics when things aren’t part of the plan. While my son loves camping, he still loved this story and wanted to read it all over again as soon as the story was over. I cannot recommend this, or the Scaredy Squirrel series, enough to any parent.

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