The Time Fetch by Amy Herrick

July 26, 2013 Review 0 ★★★

The Time Fetch by Amy HerrickThe Time Fetch by Amy Herrick
Published by Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill on August 27, 2013
Genres: Fantasy, Middle Grade
Pages: 320
Format: ARC
Source: NetGalley
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Edward picks up what he thinks is a rock. He doesn’t know it is a sleeping Time Fetch—and touching it will release its foragers too soon and alter the entire fabric of time and space. Soon the bell rings to end class just as it has begun. Buses race down streets, too far behind schedule to stop for passengers. Buildings and sidewalks begin to disappear as the whole fabric of the universe starts to unravel. To try to stop the foragers, Edward must depend on the help of his classmates Feenix, Danton, and Brigit—whether he likes it or not. They all have touched the Fetch, and it has drawn them together in a strange and thrilling adventure. The boundaries between worlds and dimensions are blurred, and places and creatures on the other side are much like the ones they’ve always known—but slightly twisted, a little darker, and much more dangerous.

A fast-paced tale filled with mythology, danger, friendship, and a shocking centuries-old secret, The Time Fetch is sure to delight fans of fantasy adventure with its tale of ordinary kids who tumble into a magical situation.

The Time Fetch is a middle grade novel about a group of eighth graders who have to join and go on a quest to save the world. When we first meet our cast of characters it seems odd that these would be the ones joining together, after all one of them is a bully, another is “popular” kid, one is a geek, and the last is a girl who doesn’t speak a word, ever. It’s hard to imagine these kids working together for a common goal. Still, when time starts running out (literally) these four kids need to work together to save everyone.

The Time Fetch started off slow. Establishing the characters, listening to them whine or be mean, etc… It was difficult to get into. Eventually though the book started to pick up and the pacing was spot-on at that point. There was action and drama and things started to get good. By the end, these four kids had changed. Suddenly they weren’t separated by their differences, and instead they could be surprisingly good friends (and perhaps more?).

There isn’t much in the way of romance in this book which is good, considering the age of the audience! Still, there are some hints to the future for these kids (and hey, we even get a glimpse of what they’ll look like in a few years time). Once this book picked up it got interesting, so I would have liked to see a bit more of the action and less of the start. In any event, it was a good book, though I can’t imagine this being a series.

The Time Fetch is available August 13th, and is terrific for children 10 and up!

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