Bear in Underwear: Goodnight Underwear by Harriet Ziefert

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Bear in Underwear: Goodnight Underwear by Harriet ZiefertBear in Underwear: Goodnight Underwear by Harriet Ziefert
Series: Bear in Underwear
on April 9, 2013
Genres: Children
Pages: 40
Format: ARC
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Once upon a time there was a Bear who found a forest clearing where... there were seven mats to serve as beds, for seven friends to rest their heads. An outdoor sleepover with treats and songs! Such a beautiful night! What could possibly go wrong? It's all good, goofy fun for the ever-popular Bear-in-Underwear gang in this un-classic homage to the ultimate classic goodnight book. And when Bear says goodnight to everything and everyone, guess what he saves his last goodnight for? His beloved tighty-whities, of course! This perfect giggling-before-bedtime book will have kids falling asleep with smiles on their faces - and dreaming silly dreams!

Goodnight Underwear is very similar to Goodnight Moon in that Bear says goodnight to everything, really. But with the juvenile humor of a bear in underwear kids are sure to enjoy this fun little book, full of seven animal friends who are camping in just their underwear.

The thing parents need to keep in mind is that books like this are intended to amuse the children, and not the adult. There are some fantastic picture books out there that will do both, but this is not one of them. Instead, this appeals to younger kids who can laugh about animals in underwear, or even just underwear in general.

You could also read this to still potty-training children and show them that Bear and friends wear underwear. That’s what I would have done when my kids were younger. Kids like to see something of themselves in the books they read (well, okay, we all do really, but in kids books it’s so much easier) and that’s why kids will thing this is funny. After all, younger kids love potty humor more than anyone I know (other than my mom).

My son and I read this together (he read it to me, actually) and he loved it. And, really, that’s all I care about. As long as the kids like it, that’s what matters.

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