Read With Me: Dark Spring by Christina Henry

October 29, 2014 Review 0

So I just started reading a new book. And by started, I mean I anxiously awaited the release of this book after reading the previous six in the series. I’m early off in the series, not even a full chapter in, but it’s off to a great start. It picks up where the last book, Black Heart, ends (which is usually a pet peeve for me) but it works well in this case.

The series itself gets complicated, but the basic story is that Madeline “Maddie” Black is an Agent of Death, it’s her job to escort the souls of the dead to the door that leads to the afterlife. Of course, nothing remains that simple, especially not by book seven! There are revelations before now about the lineage of many of the characters, fairies, daring fights, and even more daring rescues.

All in all, while I’m just starting this read, it’s an exciting start for me, and one I’ve been looking forward to! Come back for a full review soon. ♥

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